About me, April Brown

I am a bible believing Christian that believes in standing for our state and country, which I served faithfully in the Oklahoma National Guard, Active Duty Army and as a Brigade Commander's Secretary with the Department of Defence (DOD). Oklahoma needs leaders with Integrity, who value our Constitutional Rights, and honor the sacrifices our Forefathers made to secure those rights. Oklahoma Representatives need to engage in the fight and commit to keeping Oklahoma free. As a Representative, I will fight for our rights and not back down to the far left, or the establishment cowards. We need to keep Oklahoma strong, by leading from the front, so that we encourage other states to stand up against the tyrants trying to take away our rights as a Sovereign state. We need true Conservatitive Republican leaders in office, not RINO’s who are letting our 2020 hero’s be fired! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and stand for Truth, Righteousness, Freedom, and Liberty! Who will stand and fight WITH us?


Who am I?

On August 29, 2005 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior while living in Germany.  

I served in the Oklahoma National Guard and then went Active duty in the Army. I served as a truck driver and also ran the administrative duties for my company.  I was tasked with assignments usually assigned to a Junior Officer. After my time in the military, I became a secretary for the Department of Defense Schools (DODS) and then transferred to a position as a Brigade Commander's Secretary with the DOD.  I appreciate, respect and honor all service members and the sacrifices the whole family makes while their loved one serves. 


I am married to a wonderful man, and we’ll soon celebrate our 21st anniversary.  He served this great country for 22 years in the Army and is now an ordained pastor and a public school teacher here in Oklahoma. We are the parents of four beautiful daughters.  I have been blessed with the honor to homeschool all 4 of our daughters. Our oldest daughter and her husband have 2 precious daughters.  Our second daughter is a Marine; she and her husband are expecting their first child in 2022.  Our 3rd daughter is still at home.  She has suffered serious illness for over four years, and although she is improving, she is still prevented from campaign activities due to her health. Our youngest is finishing her senior year and is dual-enrolled in college. She is also helping the Garvin County GOP by being on their planning committee and helped create a FaceBook page to keep our community informed.